A Mission in El Salvador

Imagine your mom working in the kitchen . She needs something from the top shelf, stepping on the ladder she missteps and falls. She brakes her arm badly.What would you do?You’d take her to the hospital. Even if she doesn’t have insurance they will still take care of her. Well imagine it wasn’t an option. The only thing available to you is to put her arm in a makeshift sling and put her to bed. You don’t have a car. You can’t afford the medicine at the hospital. They won’t see you unless you pay first. You can’t even give her an Advil. So she must wait for her arm to heal incorrectly.While on a mission trip to El Salvador, this is just one of the many stories we encountered.

Our medical mission group brought doctors, a nurse and lay people along with medicine into this woman’s village to set up a clinic. Our doctor had to re-brake her arm while she was awake with very little pain meds. Thanks to our group of willing missionaries this woman will be able to use her arm again.

The week I was in El Salvador, we saw almost 3000 people. Each person having there own story of pain to share. We provided these people with hope and the love of Christ. Am I a nurse or a doctor? No, I am a wife and mother of four, but I could still help. Medical missions are one of the most rewarding trips I’ve been on. I don’t want you to think it was all work and no play. On our day off we visited the largest Mayan excavated site.

You can mix missions with fun.

So if you’re thinking, “I really want to but…”

JUST DO IT! It is something you will never forget.

If you’re interested in going to Central America you can contact me at ejsmithtoo@gmail.com


Jennie Smith

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